Areas Of Practice


If you are looking to terminate your marriage or separate, Winstein Law can help you. We specialize in divorce, ensuring that your needs are met and that you get what you deserve. 


Figuring out Custody arrangements can be hard. Allow us to help you get full custody, joint custody, visitation or a combination that you and the other parent have agreed on. We are here to help ease the process, so that things go as smoothly as possible. 

Child Support

Wondering how much money you should be getting, or should be paying, for child support? Winstein Law can help you with that. Whether you need to set up a continuous arrangement, figure out how much you are owed or owe, or file for back child support, we are here to take care of you.


Establishing paternity can be an emotional time for everyone in the family. Come to Winstein Law and we will make sure that your process goes as seamlessly as possible. We are here for you and we are here to fight for you. 


DUI’s can come with a price. Whether that means losing your license, being on probation or much more. Winstein Law can help to make sure that price is as little as possible. We will fight to ensure you get the best possible deal. 


Looking at a felony charge? Winstein Law is here to help. We will go to court to stand up for you and fight. Come see us today. 


Did you receive a traffic violation? Don’t fret! Winstein Law is here to help you fight those violations or see if we can remove them from your record. 


Having a juvenile in court is a stressful time for anyone involved. Here at Winstein Law, we understand the need for a good advocate for your child. We will fight for them, stand up for them and do anything that we can to make sure they are taken care of. 

Mental Health

Mental Health is as important to us as it is to you. If you have any needs in the mental health field that need taken care of, please come to us. We are happy to help you in anyway that we can. 


Although pot is legal in many states, now, Illinois is not one of them. If you got a drug charge, come see us. We will see what we can do for you!


Wills are one of the most important things that you can do for you and your family. Come to Winstein Law to ensure that your needs, and your family are taken care of. 


Establishing guardianship is important, not only for our younger members of the family, but the older ones, as well. Have someone with dementia or a child who has lost their parents? Let us take care of you and help establish proper guardianship. 

*Winstein Law practices in many more areas of law. Give us a call to see if we can help you.*